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"We seek to work toward equal rights for women through education, dialogue, and action.  Through campus advocacy and right action, we seek to raise awareness of women's issues as critical social justice issues." - SoF Mission

The Society of Feminists was visualized, encouraged, and birthed in Dr. Jennifer L. Vest’s first class on Feminist Theory during Spring quarter 2003.  A few of us were able to stay focused on the project because we had summer jobs on campus.  We think it is a good time for a student feminist organization at Seattle University, supported by faculty and staff, and probably long overdue.  Not that we’re all up in arms over some hot political issue (well, when are we not) but, if we are promoting equality and justice, then a venue to promote awareness of women’s issues and voice needs to be available on the student front.  So many good professors are doing really good work to advance awareness of the feminine principle on the social, political, and spiritual levels.  It feels good to take their work and inspiration further, to ground it in action in a spirit of community.

Fall quarter we help support the “Take Back the Night” assembly, which is well received.  Look forward to the performance of  “The Vagina Monologues” on campus Winter quarter.  We have received so much support and help from students, staff, and faculty for this project.  We are getting a strong message of excitement about our club.  This September we plan to focus on a membership drive to prepare for next year.  Just where we will go and what we will do will depend on the power and voice of the students, male and female, staff, and faculty who choose to be a part of this organization. 

            We are working to form an internal structure that will be stable, but remain open and fluid, to encourage creative flow and inspiration.  For example, we aren’t comfortable with the traditional, seemingly hierarchical, structure for our officers.  Barrowing from a more matriarchal mythical tradition, we originally had three officers: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, but we leave open the opportunity for additional positions as new members join and see a need.  Currently there is a forum open for discussion of structure. This is an ever changing process. Each member has strength to lend and we work in a circle of harmony and support. 

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