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Hello, all friends of PIE!  Now that the kaibigan have revealed themselves, this page can finally be availed.  Following is the webpage used to coordinate all the hard work the kaibigan have put forth for the PIE volunteers. Let's keep that PIE love going!

Greetings, beautiful volunteers - mga kasama, mga kaibigan, mga kapatid!  This page has specifically been designed for you to facilitate the coordination of our gifts and our surprises for our very loved PIE friends.   For your convenience, the links for the PIE web have also been posted on the navigation bar to the left.  Please be sure that none of the PIE volunteers (except for yours truly) get a hold of this particular website through your web browser's history content or through your browser's URL auto-complete to name a couple examples.  

Thanks again for your amazing support and your abundant generosity!
Ang mabait ninyo, thank you!


April 16, 7:00 PM - Stimson
April 28, 8:15 PM - Casey 500
May 19, 8:15 PM - Casey 500
May 26, 8:15 PM - Casey 500

Kasama Groups

Kasama (Companion)
PIE Volunteer (PV)
Carla Franco
Ryan Rallanka
Liz Schmid
Ro Catalla
Rollie Garcia
Tiffany Miwongtum
Matt Day
Andy Dyrsten
G DeCastro
Josh Alcantara
George Balagtas
Jon Alcantara
Sheila Barnes
Hong Chhuor
Abby Laxa
Jen Gramaje


Sampung Biyaya, Isang Mahal


Quote card completed 
by Wed. noon
(see below to submit)

Other notes


April 20,






April 27,






May 4,


1st gift ready



May 11, Wednesday



May 18, Wednesday



May 25, Wednesday



June 1, Wednesday


Love (all quarter)
June 8
gift ready


Quote Card Deposit

"PIE's Secret" Bag on top of file cabinets 

Spring Quarter Gifts

1st Gift -- Primary Team (Andy, Dan, Liz, & George) -- Angel/Mahal Coin
2nd Gift -- Primary Team (Abby, Jen, Jon, & Ro) -- Bandanas (with PIE logo)

Tagalog Phrases for Quote Card Help

Kasama mong palagi. - I'm always with you.
Kasama mo kaming palagi. - We're always with you.
Mahal at Dasal - Love & prayer
Nagmamahal at Nananalangin - In love & In prayer
Sampung biyaya - Ten graces/blessings
Isang mahal - One love
Ang yong kaibigan - Your friend
Ang yong kapatid - Your friend (brother/sister connotation)
Ang iyong mga kaibigan - Your friends
Ang iyong mga kapatid - Your friends (brother/sister connotation)

Panalangin para sa Isang Kapanalig

Lagi mo kaming kasamang nagmamahal at nananalangin.
Kaming iyong mga kaibigan.
Kaming iyong mga kapatid.
Kayo'y nasa aming puso sa inyong paglalakbay.
Nawa'y matupad ang inyong layunin at manatili kayong laging ligtas sa panganib

Prayer for Companionship

We are always with you in love and in prayer.
We are your friends.
We are your sisters.  We are your brothers.
In your journeys, you are in our hearts.
We pray for your mission and for your safe return.





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