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Kumusta, friend!  

elcome to the homepage for the Philippine Immersion Experience (PIE)!  The first PIE group has returned from the Philippines, and we are excited to share our stories with you!  We invite you to turn these memorable pages with us.
Maraming salamat po!

PIE Picture of the Week 

PIE at Philippine Congress

This picture is in our first week into the Philippines.  G thought that it would be wise not to push us too hard physically at the beginning mostly because we needed to adjust to the fifteen hour time different (I certainly did; It also helped me recover from stomach problems that I had immediately by the time I stepped off the airplane!  It lasted for about a week.) On this particular day, we ended up visiting Congress.  Unfortunately, they held their meetings later in the evening, so we were unable to attend.  We were given, however, our own personal tour of the place! In this picture, I think we are posing in the office of the Speaker of the House.  For those interested in a tidbit of trivia, the U.S. Speaker of the house today is Dennis Hastert (of course, I had to google that information).  Probably a more well-known one in our past is Newt Gingrich.  It was interesting for me to learn how the structure of Philippine government is based on the structure of U.S. government mostly because of the U.S. occupation a while back. This form of government was adopted in 1987 when Corazon Aquino came into power following the end of Marcos' Regime (did you know Corazon Aquino received an honorary degree from Seattle University about five years ago?). One difference is that they elect the president for only one-term who serves for a six year period.  

If any of you have been keeping track of the news, there was an attempted coup a month ago on the President and a state of emergency was declared.  You can read about it by going to this link,9754,1167191,00.html

Let us pray for peace in the Philippines during this time of political unrest and for the safety of all involved. 


~ Ryan Rallanka, PIE 2005 Volunteer 

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For our new visitors: Thanks for looking us up! The Philippine Immersion Experience is the first Seattle University mission based from Campus Ministry to the Philippines. Its first group of volunteers spent the month of August in Manila this past summer in  pursuit of learning about Philippine poverty, performing charitable works, & immersing themselves into the beautiful culture of the Philippine Islands. We invite you to become part of our growing community, and we thank you again for your interest in PIE!

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